Westborough and Dry Doddington Parish Council meetings

The council meets 5 times a year, usually on the first Thursday of the month. Meetings alternate between Westborough and Dry Doddington Village Halls. In addition each village has an Annual Parish meeting, usually in April or May of each year.     

Parish Council Meeting Dates       

Thursday 13 January 2022 - Westborough Village Hall

Thursday 10 March 2022 -  Dry Doddington Village Hall



Meeting at Dry Doddington  Village Hall

On  THURSDAY 7 OCTOBER  2021  at 7.30pm


  1. Chairman’s welcome
  2. Fly Tipping
    A Waste Department supervisor from SKDC to give a short presentation regarding their aims & remit and how we can best work together to combat the problem
  3. Public Forum: Meeting to adjourn to receive questions and comments from residents of the village on any matter relating to tonight’s agenda. (15 minutes maximum)
  4. Apologies for absence from meeting
  5. To receive Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in accordance with Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012
  6. Confirm minutes of last meeting 8 July 2021 (previously circulated)
  7. Community benefit fund (CBF)
    a) Speed reduction gates
    To resolve to approve two gates at Newark hill, Dry Doddington. Location: 6 metres from telegraph pole (towards village). 2 white composite gates each 1.5 metres wide, supplied by JACS. New sign ‘Welcome to Dry Doddington’ on gate. Olympic sign to be fitted on gate Remove Dry Doddington sign by willow tree. Costs ex VAT: gates and posts - £1042, sign £140, delivery £120. Erecting cost – estimated £700. Total £2000
    b) to resolve to approve in principle a circular seat around Dry Doddington oak tree, for Queen’s Platinum jubilee year celebrations, budget £3500 + VAT
  8. Community Cleaner Grant
    a) to approve grant of £100 to Dry Doddington Village Hall for bulbs and plants
  9. Dry Doddington Church Bank
    a) to agree maintenance for section to the North of the Church
  10. Queens Platinum Jubilee
    a) to discuss arrangements and budget    (The Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth will have a week of celebrations from 2 June 2022)
  11. Finance
    a)  To receive financial update
    b) to approve payment to Environment SK mowing costs of £225.56, JTC for £902 for Dry Doddington Village hall flooring (already paid), volunteer expenses of £75 for Westborough mowing, any other volunteer expenses, any payments for ‘Village decorations’, Clerk half yearly payment and expenses £575.
    Receipt of £602.11 for LCC parish mowing, £500 donation from Dry Doddington Village Hall
    c) to resolve bank and building society signatories
  12. To receive the County and District Councillor’s reports
  13. Clerk’s report / Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda – Police visit for CCTV, Defibrillator code,
  14. Meeting to adjourn for comments/observations by members of the public
  15. Matters for urgent discussion without resolution
  16. Confirm the date of next meeting 13 January 2022 at Westborough