There are 7 Councillors elected every 4 years. As required by the Transparency Code, there are no Councillor or Member responsibilities. Councillors elected and co-opted in 2019 are:

Cllr Anthony Durham (Chairman) 
3 Bennington Lane
NG23 5HG

Cllr Bec Lett  (Vice Chair)
Verona, Main Street
Dry Doddington
NG23 5HU

Cllr Tom Arnold
Village View
NG23 5HQ  

Cllr Sarah Woodward
The Wheatsheaf
Dry Doddington

Cllr John Forman
The Rickstones
Back Lane
NG23 5GR

Cllr Helen Martell
Orchard House
Main Street
Dry Doddington
NG23 5HU

Cllr Vickie Birnage
6 Summerfield Close
Dry Doddington
DG23 5JN

Clerk: Wendy McCallin, Clensey House, Dry Doddington, Newark NG23 5HT
Tel: 01400 282001. Email: