January 2023 Minutes


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 5 January 2023

held at Dry Doddington Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Present           Cllrs B Lett (Chair), T Arnold, V Birnage, S Woodward and the clerk W McCallin and five members of the public. 

Public Forum    No comments made

01/23   Apologies were received from Cllrs A Durham, J Forman, H Martell, District Cllr P Wood and County Cllr A Maughan.  

02/23   Minutes of the meeting on 6 October 2023 were confirmed by council and signed by the Chair.

03/23   Community Benefit Fund (CBF)  
a)   Council approved a grant of up to £7,000 for Westborough Village hall toilets upgrate including writing a promissory letter. 
LCC Highways has given approval for verge protection posts on Dry Doddington Church green. 

c)  Cllr Forman has a meeting with SKDC planning to discuss Westborough hard standing project.
d)  Approval was given in principle to plant trees on the Poors’ Charity land as a future project. Voluntary registration of the land is to go ahead.

04/23   Mowing in the Parish

  1. Council resolved to accept the LCC Highways mowing scheme on a rolling basis, payment rate to be confirmed for the 3 cuts per year.
  2. Quotes will be sought for mowing Dry Doddington Village Green.

05/23   Highways

a) Litter pick dates of 12 February with a reserve date of 26 February were agreed. Cllr Forman to co-ordinate Westborough and Cllr Birnage for Dry Doddington.
b)  The subsidence on Clensey Lane is damaging cars travelling along the lane impacting on local businesses. Ways of getting LCC Highways to take action were discussed.

  1. Road sweeping contractors for the none kerbed lanes in Westborough will be sought.
  2. Volunteers were thanked for planting the Jubilee tree in Dry Doddington and painting the parking white lines at the Village Hall.

06/23   Kings Coronation
National plans to be announced. £2 per head will be in the budget.  

07/23   Finance
a)   Council approved budget for 2023-24
b)   Council resolved £2700 precept for 2023-24
c)  Council approved payment for LALC training courses for £18, volunteer thank you’s for mowing and Green maintenance £112.98
Payment received from LCC mowing for £625.54, Western Power wayleave payment £60.85, Dry Doddington Village Hall donation  £2680, Copley solar  £13,378.56, SKDC Community Cleaner grant £463.32, HMRC VAT reclaim £1356.74.
Payments already made for Dry Doddington hall decorating £816, Volunteer expenses £54.96 for white lining, Jubilee tree and planting sundries £112.14.

08/23   Clerk’s report / Matters arising    
Planning updates were given  

09/23   Public Forum    None

10/23   Matters for Urgent Discussion   None

11/23   Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 9 March, 7.30pm at Westborough Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm


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