October 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 12 October 2023

held at Westborough Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Present           Cllrs V Birnage (Chair), J Ford, J Forman, B Lett, S Woodward, District Cllr P Wood, the clerk W McCallin and 4 members of the public. 

57/23   Public Forum    The proposed residential development of four cottages on the field opposite the Dry Doddington Village Hall was presented by Mr P Crampton and his agent and questions answered.  

58/23   Apologies were received from Cllrs T Arnold, A Durham, and County Cllr A Maughan.

59/23   Minutes of the meeting on 6 July were confirmed by council and signed by the Chair.

60/23   Declaration of Pecuniary Interests    None

61/23   Co-option of Councillor
Council unanimously resolved to co-opt Jane Ford onto the council to fill the vacancy.

62/23   Pre-Planning consultation for four cottages on land opposite Village Hall, Dry Doddington
Council resolved unanimously to support the outline pre planning consultation by Mr P Crampton.

63/23   Community Benefit Fund   

The hard standing project by Westborough church has been completed to provide 7 car parking spaces at £2855 + VAT. The verge protection measures will be completed in the future.

Westborough Village Hall toilets upgrade and refurbishment has been completed as a joint project with the Village Hall at a total cost of £13,333.33 + VAT.

64/23   Dry Doddington Poors’ Charity Trustees

The current trustees will be giving up their positions at the end of the year and two new trustees are wanted.

65/23   Finance

Council approved payment for £310 for mowing expenses in Westborough, £50.06 for mowing expenses in Dry Doddington, £3246 to Prestigious Developments for Westborough hard standing project, Clerk half yearly payment of £625.
Payments made for £16,000 to Newark Interiors for Village Hall toilet upgrade, £80.66 to SKDC for election expenses. 
Receipts of £2754.90 VAT reclaim, £2000 from Westborough Village Hall for joint toilet upgrade project

66/23   District Councillors report -  Cllr Paul Wood discussed the SKDC Alexandra depot relocation and the corporate plan. The County Cllrs report from Cllr Maughan was circulated.

67/23   Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda   The LCC litter pickers will be stored with Cllr Forman.  Works to Westborough bus shelter have been completed along with ‘No dog fouling signs’.

68/23   Public Forum   None

69/23   Matters for urgent discussion
a) two additional litter bins around Westborough Church and River will be requested from SKDC

70/23   Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 4 January 2024, 7.30pm, Dry Doddington Village Hall.             The meeting closed at 8.15 pm


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