May 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 21 May 2020 held remotely using video technology at 7.30 pm


Present Cllrs A Durham (Chairman), T Arnold, J Forman, B Lett, S Faber, H Martell,

A Maniurka, the clerk W McCallin, District Cllr P Wood, County Cllr A Maughan and 1 member

of the public.


Public Forum Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the public forum was suspended for this meeting

with questions and comments requested in advance.


29/20 Election of Chairman Council resolved that the election be suspended until the annual meeting in


2021 and current roles and responsibilities continue until then.


30/20 Minutes of the meeting on 5 March were confirmed by council and signed by the Chairman.


31/20 Insurance Council reviewed and approved the existing insurance in year 4 of a 5-year contract.


32/20 Finance

a) Council received internal auditors report and reviewed internal audit controls with no changes.

b) Council unanimously approved the 2019-20 accounts.

c) Annual Audit for 2019-20. Council resolved to approve the Annual Governance Statement.

d) Council resolved to approve and sign the Accounting Statements.

e) Council approved payments to Zurich insurance of £167.67, 3 volunteers’ expenses for petrol

and plants of £7, £25 and £66.15, Clerk expenses £57.62, LALC training course fee of £54, Dry

Doddington Village hall for Covid-19 community grant of £430.

Receipt of Precept of £2300

f) Council received financial update

g) Council resolved to open a savings account for the Community Benefit Fund that pays interest.


33/20 Use of residential garden to host events, Claypole lane

Following advice from SKDC Planning that permission is not required to hold commercial events

in a residential garden on Claypole Lane, the Council resolved to write and distribute a factual letter

to Dry Doddington residents with content, distribution list and distribution method to be agreed and

checked in advance.


34/20 Decking beneath the oak tree in Westborough

Council approved budget of up to £400 from community cleaner grant to replace decking. Project to

be managed by Cllr A Durham, using volunteer labour, as COVID restrictions permit.


35/20 Council approved protocol regarding decision making between meetings.


36/20 Council approved delegated powers scheme for a period of up to six months.


37/20 Council reviewed and approved Standing Orders, Financial regulations, Asset register and Risk



38/20 District and County Cllrs reports

Cllr Alex Maughan stated that the LCC website has coronavirus service updates. He informed on

the Lincs Resilience Forum activities, the new Highways contractor Balfour Beaty, forthcoming

roadworks and the definitive map for the parish.

Cllr Paul Wood reported that essential SKDC services had been kept going during the lockdown,

any budget deficit will be made up from reserves and that Skype is used for meetings.


39/20 Clerks report was circulated with the agenda


40/20 Dry Doddington Village Poor Charity Trust Council resolved to receive trustees’ report when

COVID restrictions permit the charity to act


41/20 Annual Village Meetings Council resolved to cancel the meetings (held March-June) until 2021


42/20 Broadband Fibre to Premises Cllr Maughan offered to forward email received to LCC I.T.

services to see if the parish would benefit from Fibre to Premises.


43/20 Public Forum Comments were received regarding the Westborough bench, the grant to Dry

Doddington village hall COVID fund and future operation of Community Benefit fund.


44/20 Matters for urgent discussion

a) The interactive speed device recorded a vehicle travelling into Dry Doddington at 76pmh, 10am

on a Wednesday morning.

b) Next agenda items to include the purchase of a speed gun for the parish, and the Community

Benefit fund operation.


45/20 Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 16 July, held remotely at 7.30 pm