July 2020 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 16 July 2020 held remotely using video technology at 7.30 pm


Present Cllrs A Durham (Chairman), J Forman, B Lett, S Faber, H Martell, A Maniurka, the

clerk W McCallin, District Cllr P Wood, County Cllr A Maughan and 4 members of the public.


Public Forum Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the public forum was suspended for this meeting.

Written questions and comments received from the public were circulated in advance.


46/20 Apologies were received from Cllr T Arnold


47/20 Minutes of the meeting on 21 May were confirmed by council and signed by the Chairman.


48/20 River Witham and Dykes Council resolved:

a) to thank Witham Internal Drainage Board for all their recent work in Westborough

b) to request Environment Agency to clear the river of weeds and invasive species between Foston

Ford and Westborough Church


49/20 Highways

Council thanked all volunteers who keep the villages tidy by mowing and strimming, especially

near roads and planting areas. Ease Lane verge overrun is scheduled for a temporary infill.


50/20 SKDC Community Cleaner Grant

Council resolved to fund a) re-staining costs for Dry Doddington bus shelter, Cllr Maniurka to Coordinate; b) £150 for Dry Doddington Village Hall for bulb planting; c) wild flower seed mixture

for wild flower area on Dry Doddington verge area (to be agreed).


51/20 Community Benefit Fund

a) Council received an update re Dry Doddington Church floor replacement that a suitable builder

(acceptable to the Diocese and the PCC) is being sought. Help with day to day church tasks is


b) Council resolved to promote the CBF through the village newsletter. Future projects to be

brought to Cllrs with a CBF working party to be set up depending on the project.


52/20 Finance

a) Council received financial update. Payments for Community Speed Watch radar gun of £266.80

and Speed watch sign of £96.84 were approved. Receipt of Grant for defibrillator from Margaret

Brown Trust for £1600, £453 from SKDC Community Cleaner Grant.

b) Council resolved to open a new savings account with Melton Mowbray Building Society with

Cllrs Martell, Maniurka and the Clerk to be signatories: any two of the three to sign. Council

resolved to close the existing Skipton building society account as the interest rate was reducing

to 0.05%


53/20 Replacement Parish Council website

A new website is being provided by Lincs County Council and volunteers sought to help transfer

information across to the new site.


54/20 District and County Cllrs reports

Cllr Alex Maughan circulated a written report and described the possible regional governance


Cllr Paul Wood reported on the proposals for funding Grantham High Street future improvement.


55/20 Clerks report was circulated with the agenda


56/20 Matters for urgent discussion

a) Flytipping has increased and will be reported

b) Council will write to the solar farm developer to ask to be consulted along with other local Parish



57/20 Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 8 October, 7.30pm. Decision regarding meeting

venue to be decided one month in advance.