March 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 25 March 2021

held remotely using video technology at 7.30 pm

Present           Cllrs A Durham (Chairman), J Forman, B Lett, S Faber, H Martell, A Maniurka, the clerk W McCallin, District Cllr P Wood, County Cllr A Maughan and 4 members of the public.

Public Forum     Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the public forum was suspended for this meeting. No written questions and comments were received from the public.

14/21   Apologies for absence were received from Cllr T Arnold

15/21   Minutes of the meetings on 7 January and 16 February 2021, were confirmed by council and signed by the Chairman.

16/21   Proposed Bypass Solar Farm, Foston

Council resolved unanimously to sign Community Benefit Deed agreement from Savills.

17/21   Community Benefit Fund (CBF)

a)  Council unanimously approved funding of £3250 for maintenance works to Westborough Village hall.
b) A broad outline of proposed hardstanding near Westborough church was given and will be discussed at the next CBF working group meeting.
c)  Any long term investment of CBF funds will be discussed at the next CBF meeting including suggestions of getting expert advice.

18/21   Preliminary planning views
Council gave preliminary views re potential residential development in the paddock opposite The Wheatsheaf. These will be summarised and passed onto the applicant.

19/21   Finance
a) Council approved payments of £60 for plants on Dry Doddington green, £142.68 for LALC subscription, mowing costs of £47 per fortnight, Dry Doddington Village Hall of £5000 + VAT, Westborough village hall of £3250.
b) Council approved budget of £50 for autumn bulb planting on Westborough green from Community cleaner grant

20/21   Future meeting dates

20 May –by Zoom                              8 July - Westborough
7 October – Dry Doddington              13 January 2022 - Westborough
10 March 2022 – Dry Doddington

21/21   District and County Cllrs reports
County Cllr A Maughan reported on LCC budget and capital spending plans, parish roads to be rescored with a view to repairs, new road patching trials and LCC grants available. County Council elections will be held this year.   

 Cllr P Wood reported on the SKDC re-structuring and local government re-organisation.

22/21   Clerk’s report

The offer of flood prevention sandbags by SKDC has been accepted, to be stored at Westborough. Deposit account interest rates have been reduced to 0.25%.  

23/21   Matters for Urgent discussion
a) Council will buy litter pickers for use by residents.
b) Environment Agency will be repairing river banks in the parish

c) Cllr Wood was thanked for all his input with the Foston Bypass solar farm Community Benefit fund.

24/21   Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 20 May 7.30pm. To be held remotely again.
The meeting closed at 8.30 pm


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