July 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting on 8 July 2021

held at Westborough Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Present           Cllrs A Durham (Chairman), B Lett,  S Faber, J Forman, A Maniurka, H Martell,  T Arnold, District Cllr P Wood, County Cllr A Maughan and the clerk W McCallin and one member of the public. 

Public Forum     No comments made.

30/21   Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman – Cllr A Durham was unanimously elected as Chairman and Cllr B Lett as Vice Chair.

31/21   Minutes of the meetings on Thursday 20 May 2021, were confirmed by council and signed by the Chairman.

32/21   Community Benefit Fund (CBF)
a) Council unanimously approved the proposed hardstanding near Westborough River bridge for three vehicles and to improve path to river. Current costs £3300 + VAT, local residents to do the contract. Works will start in Autumn/ Winter with an updated costs provided then.
b) Council unanimously agreed to put £1000 per village into kitty to decorate villages for special event or occasion (Christmas, Remembrance – aim is to improve the feel-good factor going through villages). Residents to contact any cllr who will circulate details for approval by email.
c) Council agreed to have a site meeting with LCC highways to discuss white speed reduction gates on Newark Hill and Hougham Road, Dry Doddington. This will be combined with moving the Dry Doddington name sign to before the village hall.
d) Council unanimously approved CCTV on Dry Doddington Village Hall for five external and two internal cameras, budget £2580.

            e)  The replacement church floor project is starting again with help needed to apply for grants when builders’ costs obtained.

33/21   Amended proposed site plan in paddock opposite The Wheatsheaf
Concerns were expressed re the position of the entrance and the willow tree, capacity of the sewerage system and maintenance of the boundary hedge adjacent to the road for road safety,

34/21   Finance
Council approved payments to Environment SK mowing costs of £112.78, volunteer expenses for plants for £37, mowing expenses for £52, ESTU village hall toilets £628.85.
Receipt of £500 donation from Dry Doddington Village Hall

35/21   Fly Tipping & Waste Collection
Council agreed to invite a Waste Department Executive from SKDC to give a presentation to the PC regarding their aims and remit etc as removal of fly tipped ruggish seems to be a problem.

36/21   County Councillor’s report was given by Cllr Alex Maughan who gave LCC spending plans for highways and 33 new fire engines for the county.
District Councillor’s report was given by Cllr Paul Wood on the reorganised SKDC and savings.

37/21   Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 7 October, 7.30pm at Dry Doddington Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 8.45 pm


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