October 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 7 October 2021

held at Dry Doddington Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Present           Cllrs B Lett (Chair),  S Woodward, J Forman, T Arnold, District Cllr P Wood, the clerk W McCallin and five members of the public. 

38/21   Cllrs and the public observed a one-minute silence in memory of Cllr Alex Maniurka.

39/21   Fly Tipping

            Lee Gasgoyne, SKDC Neighbourhoods Team and Rhys Page, SKDC Waste team gave a short presentation on the work of their teams and how we can work together to prevent fly tipping. The app ‘what3words’ is recommended for use when reporting the location of any rural problem, especially fly tipping.

Public Forum     Comments included: planting a tree in each village for the Queen’s Platinum jubilee; using the existing beacon for the Jubilee; the good job done by EnvironSK with mowing; establishing wild flowers around trees.

40/21   Apologies were received from Cllrs Durham and Martell.  

41/21   Minutes of the meeting on 8 July 2021 were confirmed by council and signed by the Chair.

42/21   Community Benefit Fund (CBF)
a) Speed reduction gates
Council resolved unanimously to approve two white composite gates at Newark hill, Dry Doddington, each 1.5 metres wide. Location: 6 metres village side of telegraph pole. Sign ‘Welcome to Dry Doddington’ on gate. Olympic sign to be fitted later. Remove existing Dry Doddington sign. Costs ex VAT: gates, sign, posts - £1302. Erecting cost estimated £700.
b) Council resolved unanimously to approve in principle a circular seat around Dry Doddington oak tree for Queen’s Platinum jubilee year celebrations.

43/21   Community Cleaner Grant
Council unanimously approved £100 for bulbs and plants around Dry Doddington village hall.

44/21   Dry Doddington Church Bank and Green

A resident has volunteered to maintain the church bank to the North side. Council resolved to send thank you’s to the volunteers involved with the Green maintenance, including those who are ‘retiring’.

45/21   Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Views of residents will be invited by means of a flyer to each household. Estimated cost £25. Budget to be agreed at the January meeting.

46/21   Finance
a) Council approved payments to Environment SK mowing costs of £225.56, JTC for £902 for Dry Doddington Village Hall flooring (already paid). EnvironSK mowing costs £112.78, volunteer expenses of £75 and £72.50 for Westborough mowing, £32 for Dry Doddington green, £60 for Remembrance poppies as ‘Village decorations’, LALC training costs, Clerk half yearly payment and expenses £575.
Receipt of £602.11 from LCC for parish mowing, £860 donation from Dry Doddington Village Hall
b) Council resolved Cllr Sarah Woodward be the new signatory for NatWest bank and Melton Mowbray Building Society.

47/21   District Councillor’s report was given by Cllr Paul Wood on the new personnel at SKDC and the role of SKDC re the fire at the illegal waste tip on Fen Lane, Long Bennington.

48/21   Clerk’s report
a) the Police will be visiting Dry Doddington Village Hall to view the new CCTV
b) the ambulance service (EMAS) will tell the caller the code for the defibrillator unless the call goes to a neighbouring region on rare occasions.

49/21   Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 13 January, 7.30pm at Westborough Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 8.55 pm


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