January 2019 Minutes

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 10 January 2019 at Dry Doddington Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Present: Cllrs T Arnold (Chairman), J Ford, V Kerr, and A Maniurka, the clerk W McCallin, District Cllr P Wood County Cllr A Maughan and 7 members of the public.

Public Forum Items raised included: road repairs,

66/19 Apologies were received from Cllrs S Briggs, A Durham, D Loynes

67/19 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests – None

68/19 Minutes of the meeting on 1 November were confirmed by the council and signed by the Chairman.

69/19 Finance
a) Council approved the 2019-20 budget with a £50 increase in clerk’s salary.
b) Council resolved to increase the 19-20 precept to £2300.
c) Council has received this year’s Community Benefit fund payment of £13,378 from Foresight group and approved transfer of £10,000 to building society account.

70/19 Community Benefit Fund (CBF) Council received an update on projects:

  • quotes have been received for replacement kitchen units for Westborough Village Hall for approval at the next meeting;
  • Dry Doddington Village Green restoration – quotes being obtained;
  • Dry Doddington green information board – text to be completed in next two months;
  • nothing to update regarding Westborough defibrillator, Westborough church water supply and Dry Doddington Church floor.

71/19 Housing Need Survey by Lincs Community Council Council resolved not to endorse the survey as it provides no housing in the parish and takes no account of the expansion of Fernwood. The Parish Council supports the views of Claypole Parish Council.

72/19 First Aid Training from British Red Cross Council resolved to accept the offer from the Red Cross for two hours free First Aid training to be held in Westborough Village Hall at a date to be arranged.

73/19 Highways and Footpaths
a) Cllr Brookes from Long Bennington Parish Council informed council how the Community Speed watch radar gun scheme is used and how warning letters are sent to speeding drivers. Council resolved to request volunteers for the Community Speed watch scheme via the parish newsletter.
b) Litter pick arrangements in hand, Cllrs Kerr, Ford and Maniurka were thanked for co-ordinating.

74/19 Co-option onto Dry Doddington Village Hall Committee Cllrs Ford and Maniurka volunteered to be co-opted as Council representatives.

75/19 County Cllrs report was given by Cllr Alex Maughan regarding the budget and departure of LCC Chief Executive after four months. District Cllrs report was given by Cllr Paul Wood on SKDC budget and projects.

76/19 Urgent business without resolution - none Public Forum – the poor condition of the roads


Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 7 March 2019 at Westborough at 7.30pm The meeting closed at 8.35 pm