January 2022 Minutes

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting on 13 January 2022 held at Westborough Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Present           Cllrs A Durham (Chair), T Arnold, B Lett,  J Forman, H Martell, County Cllr A Maughan,  District Cllr P Wood, the clerk W McCallin and five members of the public. 

Public Forum    No comments were made

01/22   Cllrs paid tribute to Vic Kerr who died in Oct 2021 aged 93. He was chair of the Parish meeting from 1956-1974 and then a Parish Councillor for 45 years until 2019. Vic and his Land Rover were instantly recognisable in the parish.

02/22   Apologies were received from Cllr S Woodward.  

03/22   Minutes of the meeting on 7 October 2022 were confirmed by council and signed by the Chair.

04/22   Mowing in the Parish  Council resolved to accept LCC mowing scheme for 2022, payment of £604 for 3 cuts and to get quotes for mowing Dry Doddington Village Green area again.

05/22   Highways, Bridleways, Footpaths and Trees
a) Council resolved to carry out village litter picks on Sunday 20th February with the reserve date of Sunday 27 February. Cllr Forman will co-ordinate Westborough and Cllr Martell for Dry Doddington. The clerk will organise the equipment.
b)  Council agreed to re-stake Dry Doddington Golden Jubilee tree

c)  Council will request inspection of Westborough Oak tree from SKDC
d) the proposal for a Westborough tree seat will be discussed at the next CBF meeting.

06/22   Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

            The results of the consultation were circulated. Agreed that each village will hold its own commemoration and a budget of £2 per head (on electoral role) is available if required.

07/22   Community Benefit Fund (CBF)
a)  Council approved in principle the project to improve safety and environs of Westborough churchyard with budget up to £5,000.
b)  Updates on the five current and completed projects was given:  Circular tree seat around Oak tree, Dry Doddington;  Westborough hard standing near River;  CCTV around Dry Doddington Village Hall;  speed reduction gates in Dry Doddington; Christmas lights on Dry Doddington Green

08/22   Finance
a)   Council approved the budget for 2022-23
b)   Council resolved the precept for 2022-23 remain at £2500
c)  Council approved payment for LALC training courses for £45, Westborough mowing expenses £60, JACS for white gates £1,562.40, JC groundworks for gate fitting £600, Westboro’ bulbs £17.
Payments already made to Bennington Metal Furniture for tree seat deposit £1000, R Lett for Christmas lights and batteries £484.74, Environ SK for £112.78, PrimePrint Jubilee printing £60,  Dry Doddington village hall bulbs £116.45, Dry Doddington village hall flooring £190, volunteer thank you’s for mowing and Green maintenance £255.19
Payment received from Copley solar of £13,378.56, SKDC Community Cleaner grant £463.32.
d)   Banking arrangements were reviewed. Bank statements will be circulated at future meetings.

09/22   Co-option of a Councillor The vacancy will be advertised in the magazine, The Wheatsheaf and bus shelters with a closing date of 28 February. Co-option to be at the March meeting.

10/22   Paddock opposite The Wheatsheaf   The owner carried out a planning consultation in Dry Doddington, responses did not give substantial support for the proposal. Comments were noted by cllrs. Following an email from the owner, the Council felt unable to comment in general on the principle of the proposals.

11/22   Dry Doddington church Council was supportive of any group able to progress the Church floor repair and grant applications.

12/22   County Cllrs report was given by Cllr A Maughan who described the budget cuts from the Government and will circulate a template letter to help make objections known.

13/22   District Councillor’s report was given by Cllr Paul Wood on the SKDC budget and re-organisation in Lincs.

14/22   Date of next meeting confirmed as – Thursday 10th March, 7.30pm at Dry Doddington Hall.
The meeting closed at 8.30 pm

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